E-Max Crowns

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E-Max Crowns

E-Max Crowns are visually closest to natural. It is the ideal solution for our patients who want to achieve a beautiful smile. E-MAX Crowns allow us to correct and change the appearance of your teeth. E-Max Crowns, which are frequently used in Hollywood smile, can be used to correct your existing teeth, to fill and shape your missing teeth. If you only need one tooth, this tooth can be made with the E-MAX crown and shading can be applied to match the color of other teeth.

What is
E-Max Crowns?

E-Max Crowns, which have become very popular in recent years, have a very close appearance to a real tooth with their transparent structure.

We can create a visually pleasing design using CEREC and CAD-CAM technology to create the E-max Crowns. If there is a smile you like, we can copy the same teeth design and color for you.

If you are not sure, our experienced dentists can create a design that matches your mouth, jaw structure, lips and face shape.

E-Max Crowns are made of A-Grade materials and therefore can be used for life.

How long do I need to stay for
E-MAX Crowns?

Your treatment can last from 5 days to 7 days.

What colors are available?

We have a vita color shade card including 30 colors called universal tooth shading system. If you want, you can choose the most preferred white color; Hollywood white, or natural white color in a natural tooth. When choosing a tooth color, your skin color and hair color are important criteria for a perfect smile.


Will I feel pain during treatment?

Local anesthesia will be applied in this treatment, you will not feel any pain.


What will I experience during the treatment? How is the treatment procedure?

When you first come to our clinic, you will receive a full consultation, including XRAY. These procedures are completely free in our clinic. The preparations start by choosing the most appropriate dental treatment for you with the guidance of our dentists. Temporary teeth can be attached if necessary. At your last appointment, new dental crowns are placed in the mouth and the treatment is completed.

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    Copyright 2022 –  All rights reserved. Dental Arts Turkey – Dental Veneers & Dental Care & Teeth Treatment & Dentist in Turkey